NYU Teacher Residency Program with Albany Community Charter School

Albany Community Charter School

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Located in New York’s Capital, Albany Community Charter School (ACCS) serves nearly 700 students in Grades K-8. It’s a school that lives up to its name with community at the center of nearly everything that it does.

The mission of ACCS is to provide a high-quality educational experience for children by building a shared responsibility and commitment to student success. Through a relentless focus on academic achievement and character development, we seek to develop in our scholars the academic and social skills necessary to enable them to discover their unique gifts and talents in order to become responsible public citizens dedicated to the advancement of one’s self, one’s family, and one’s community.

Since opening 14 years ago, ACCS has strived to celebrate and reflect the history and culture of the community in which it serves. We maintain an open door policy for families to feel connected to the school community and involved in school initiatives. Teachers and staff support and enhance this sense of community, as well by embodying and teaching students the school’s P.R.O.M.I.S.E values: Perseverance, Respect, Optimism, Motivation, Integrity, Self-discipline, and Excellence.

As a teacher at ACCS, you will co-teach with another educator. Every classroom has two adults designed to give students more targeted support as well as enhance the professional growth of teachers. You will also participate in weekly professional development sessions and have access to instructional coaches. Perhaps the most important features of all are that you will become connected to the community and part of the ACCS family as you embark on your new career.

Student population

90% Black
8% Hispanic
2% Two or more races
2012 National Blue Ribbon School


Students (Average Class Size)


Qualify for Free and Reduced Lunch

Charter initiatives

  • Teacher development: ACCS is focused on codifying its support for teachers to help them develop and grow faster. Coaching emphasizes intellectually preparing educators for instruction and internalizing lessons prior to teaching.
  • Teacher recruitment: ACCS aims to expand its reach and improve the way they recruit and retain teachers. Its partnership with the NYU Teacher Residency is one example of this initiative.
  • Family involvement and participation: ACCS continues to develop new ways to involve families in the educational process. It has expanded its events during non-school hours to give all caregivers an opportunity to participate in school activities.

The details

  • 30-credit master of arts in teaching (MAT) program
  • Meet online with NYU Steinhardt faculty and peers twice per week in the evening for your course work ~15 hours/week
  • ~40 hours/week in classroom residency at partner location
  • Tuition subsidy and stipend or wage from partner school
  • Two-year commitment following residency required
  • Full-day cost details

As a teacher resident, you’ll be a cooperating teacher alongside a lead teacher in your content area. This means you’ll work with another teacher and gain responsibility throughout the year. In addition to what happens in the classroom, you may be involved in enrichment blocks with small group instruction designed to provide scholars with the extra help they need.

During residency year

Estimated Stipend $30,000
Health Insurance Full medical, dental, and vision benefits
Start Date August 2023

After residency year

Job After Graduation Teacher (full time) After successful completion of the program, you will have a job waiting for you as a teacher in an ACCS school. In exchange for providing a master’s subsidy and funding to offset your living expenses during your residency year, ACCS requires you to make a commitment to teach there for at least two years after earning your degree.
Estimated Starting Salary with Master’s Degree $55,000

The figures above are estimates provided by our partners for informational and planning purposes only. NYU Steinhardt does not guarantee these amounts.

 We know that the benefits of creating a more diverse teacher workforce are widespread; they are long-lasting, and they are life-changing.

Diana Turk
Director of Teacher Education; Chair, Department of Teaching and Learning at NYU Steinhardt; Co-Director, NYU Teacher Residency

 We built this program from the ground up, and [the faculty] all agreed on starting with the ideas of building community and understanding identity.

Heather Woodley
Clinical Associate Professor of TESOL, Bilingual Education, and World Language Education