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Admitted students: next steps

Congratulations on your acceptance to the NYU Teacher Residency! You’ve been selected to join a diverse community of aspiring teachers ready to make a positive difference in the lives of students.  


Now that the hard part is over, it’s time to make your plans. Follow the steps below to review your offer and make your decision.

Accept or decline your offer

Attending? What to do soon

Attending? What to do before classes begin

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Accept or decline your offer

Step 1: Accept your residency offer

All Teacher Residents who have passed application review and faculty interview are approved for the residency in the New York City Department of Education (DOE) school system. If you accept this offer, you may proceed with next steps. If you are pursuing an alternative residency, you may wait until you receive a formal residency placement, or you may let us know in advance that you wish to proceed with next steps.

Step 2: Activate your NetID

Note: You will need to wait at least 24 hours from the date of accepting your residency offer to activate your NetID and follow the steps outlined below.

Included in your acceptance message is your NetID, a unique alphanumeric code that NYU assigns to you (e.g., xyz123). Your NetID is not your University ID number (which is a nine character ID number starting with a capital N).

You will use your NetID and password to access your NYUHome account, which is a customizable web interface that links you to your NYU email account as well as other systems and tools.

Visit the NYU Start Page and follow the prompts to activate your NYU NetID and set a password.

Step 3: View your financial aid award and review tuition and fees

If you filed your Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA), you will receive an email from the Office of Financial Aid with guidance on how to view any scholarships and financial aid in our student information system, Albert. You should expect to hear within two weeks after receiving your official acceptance message if you filed your FAFSAs.

You will not be able to access your financial aid until you receive an email notice from the Office of Financial Aid. When it becomes available, you will be able to follow the instructions included in the email to view your package. You can offset your tuition costs with federally subsidized loans, TEACH grants, and the teacher loan forgiveness program, if eligible.

If you have questions about the status of your financial aid package, your FAFSAs, or student loans, contact NYU’s Office of Financial Aid at 212-998-4444 or

Step 4: Accept and deposit, or decline your offer

We hope you will join our incoming class! Whether you decide to join the NYU Steinhardt community or you choose to decline our offer, please let us know your decision.

Your acceptance is only final when we receive your nonrefundable tuition deposit to secure your space. Upon submitting your deposit, you will be cleared for registration in your first Summer course module.

  1. Complete the licensure disclosure and acknowledgement form sent via DocuSign. This form confirms you understand you are enrolling in a professional licensure program and that licensure requirements differ from state to state and may change frequently.
  2. Log on to Albert using your NYU NetID and password
  3. Select the Applicants tab (not the Student tab)
  4. Go to the Admissions section and select the View Application Status button
  5. Click the Admission Offer button at the top of the page
  6. Click the Accept/Decline button
  7. Click Accept Offer
  8. Follow the prompts until you confirm your final decision. Please be prepared to pay the required nonrefundable tuition deposit by e-check or credit card. After you make your final decision, the Admission Offer button will no longer be available to you.

NOTE: If you experience problems with the credit card payment screen not appearing, please disable your browser’s popup blockers.

Attending? What to do soon

Register for admitted student events

Celebrate your achievements, connect with community, and find answers to any questions you may have as you navigate life as an admitted student.

Share your good news!

Congratulations on becoming part of the NYU Steinhardt community! Now take a moment to let everyone know you’re #NYUSteinhardtBound. Print out one of the #NYUSteinhardtBound JPGs and take a photo with it. Don’t forget to tag us on Twitter or Instagram (@nyusteinhardt), and follow to hear about upcoming takeovers and see what it’s like to be an NYU Steinhardt graduate student.

You can also share your good news and meet your new classmates on the #NYUSteinhardtBound page.

Check your NYU email account regularly

Once you have accepted our offer by paying your tuition deposit, we will activate your NYU email account as early as March. Most University offices, including Graduate Admissions, Financial Aid, and the Bursar, will communicate with you via your NYU email account exclusively, so be sure to check it often.

To access your NYU email account, log into NYUHome then search for the NYU Email card or go to directly. If you’re using a mobile device or desktop application, review our setup instructions.

Send in final official transcript(s)

Confirm with your enrollment specialist that official transcripts have been received.

To enroll at NYU Steinhardt, we require that you send us official transcripts by May 3 as follows:

  1. One final transcript showing conferral of your undergraduate degree (baccalaureate or equivalent). It must list the date the degree was awarded and the title of the degree.
  2. One final transcript from any institution at which a degree was conferred (e.g. if you received a master’s degree).
  3. One transcript from any institution at which you did graduate-level work, even if a degree was not conferred.

Each transcript you send must be an original, official transcript with the registrar’s stamp or signature. Scanned, photocopied, or uploaded transcripts submitted as part of your online application for admission do not fulfill this requirement. Documents in a language other than English must be accompanied by notarized translations.

Attending? What to do before classes begin

Get to know your student support coach

Julia Conran, student support coach, will be your main point of contact for support with course registration, module credit allocation, or anything else related to your academic year. You can reach Julia via email or call 646-690-8821 ext 80625.

Orientation Week

To help you make the most of all of the experiences and opportunities that lie ahead, the faculty have designed a virtual Orientation Week, July 1-3, for you to get to know the program, your cohort, and the faculty. As you get closer to this week, your student support coach will be the one to provide you all of the preparation materials, schedules, and links you will need in order to successfully participate. Attendance is required.

Prepare to start at your residency school site

You will begin your school-based residency in August or September. Your entire residency is essentially a job interview so it’s important to play the part. Be on time, take your role seriously, and immerse yourself in the classroom experience.

Residency details

  • Review details and requirements in your offer letter carefully. Reach out to the district/charter human resources personnel with any questions related to your employment. For those who accept the residency in the NYC DOE, you will receive details in early summer.
  • Fingerprints are required in every district/charter organization. Please connect with your district/charter human resources personnel for timeline expectations.

Fulfill health and immunization requirements

If you plan to be on campus, other than for the optional graduation ceremony attendance, you must submit an immunization history form by the first day of the Teacher Residency program. If you are contacted about missing documentation and do not plan to be on campus, email to let them know you are an online student.

For complete information, visit NYU’s Student Health Center website and the Health Requirements Section to make sure you have the proper documentation on record with the University.

Enroll in or waive NYU health insurance

For your first Summer term, residents in Secondary Education will need to enroll in NYU healthcare if they wish to use it. Conversely, Inclusive Childhood residents are automatically enrolled as part of the registration process and must waive coverage if they do not plan to use NYU health insurance.

Students must complete the online enrollment/waiver process to ensure they have enrolled in the plan of their choice; supplemented their current insurance with an NYU-sponsored plan; or waived the NYU-sponsored plans. Please review the waiver deadlines so you will know when the online enrollment system will be available.

Some district/charter partners offer healthcare. Be sure to check with your district/charter to understand the benefits offered to you and when they start.

Complete required training

In an effort to maintain a safe and aware campus community, all NYU students must complete an online training program called “Think About It.” You will receive an email a few weeks before the deadline with instructions on how to complete the course.

Students should receive an invitation to take the training through their NYU email account 2-4 weeks prior to starting their first semester of an undergraduate or graduate program. If it is a few weeks into the semester and you have not received an email invitation then you can reach out to to obtain access.

Make up credit deficiencies

If credit deficiencies are identified during the admissions process, you must fulfill them by the time you complete the program in order to be recommended for certification by NYU. We recommend you complete these courses before Orientation Week, if possible. You can either take a CLEP test or a college course to satisfy the missing credits.

Once completed, official transcripts or CLEP test results for deficiency credits need to be mailed to Melissa Bonaparte’s attention at 239 Greene Street #342, New York, New York 10003.

Enrollment (for questions about enrollment until the first week of classes)

Office of Financial Aid (for questions about financial aid)

Office of the Bursar (for questions about your bill or payment plans)

On behalf of the staff of the Office of Graduate Admissions, we welcome you!