Embedded MAT in Secondary Education

Learn to Teach by Teaching, and Make an Impact from Day One

Our embedded approach to teacher education places you in a high-need urban classroom from the first day of school. In just over one year, you’ll earn your master of arts in teaching through an immersive teacher residency experience paired with online course work.

Full-time residency in urban partner schools: You will spend an entire school year working each day in a partner middle or high school, learning essential teaching skills as you gradually take on more responsibility as an English, math, social studies, or science teacher in your teacher mentor’s classroom.

Expert faculty guidance: Faculty in the NYU Steinhardt Department of Teaching and Learning will support you every step of the way, starting before you set foot in your host school. We’ll provide regular feedback on your teaching and support you in your residency experience.

Robust learning community: You will build deep bonds and share learning experiences over the course of the year with fellow residents in the program and at your school. You’ll regularly engage with our faculty in one-on-one and small group sessions to get feedback on your teaching throughout the year.

What You’ll Learn

  • The relationship between how you teach, what you teach, and how students learn
  • Techniques to recognize and embrace the differences in learning style and learning needs of a diverse student body, including students with special needs and English language learners
  • Methods to foster academic development in students of diverse ethnic, racial, and socioeconomic backgrounds
  • Practical strategies and practices that will help you be a highly effective early-career teacher in your content area, geared to your students’ grade level, whether it’s middle school math or high school English

The course work and fieldwork lead to eligibility for initial teaching certification in New York State. If you wish to be certified in another state, you must research and ensure that you meet or will meet that state’s certification requirements. Major content areas include:

  • English, Grades 7-12 with a 5-6 Extension
  • Mathematics, Grades 7-12 with a 5-6 Extension
  • Science, Grades 7-12 with a 5-6 Extension
  • Social Studies, Grades 7-12 with a 5-6 Extension