NYU Teacher Residency

Become a teacher where you make the greatest impact

Teaching is a powerful way to make a positive difference. Whether you are changing your career or are a new college graduate, this one-year combined residency and master of arts in teaching (MAT) empowers you to have a profound impact on students, classrooms, schools, and communities.

It all starts with community

We offer a transformative approach to teacher preparation by combining the comprehensive instruction of a master of arts in teaching from a world-renowned research university with deep partnerships in schools across the country. While immersed in one school for an entire year, you are surrounded by a community of support from fellow teacher residents, in-school teacher mentors, and NYU Steinhardt faculty.

There are residency partner schools in San Francisco, CA, Washington, DC, Danbury, CT, Upstate and Central New York, and New York City. We continue to add locations, and regions, as the Teacher Residency grows.

With the option of a full-time teacher residency or a part-time teacher residency, your practical preparation happens directly in the classroom. You learn how to serve all students, create an inclusive classroom environment, and become an integral part of a school and neighboring community.

Preparation to serve all learners

The NYU Teacher Residency is built on the core beliefs that every child deserves an excellent education and that our diverse schools must have a teaching force that reflects local communities. As an aspiring teacher, you are an important part of the promise to address long-standing issues of equity in classrooms across the US. You gain the knowledge to become a teacher who deeply understands how to serve students of all backgrounds and all instructional needs. Your cohort of peers mirrors this commitment to diversity. Our teacher residents represent a variety of academic, personal, and professional backgrounds and experiences. While learning alongside and from this cohort, you take courses centered on culturally responsive teaching, building and respecting community, and meeting the needs of and serving all students.

Immersive design linked to course work experience

You gradually take on more responsibility throughout the year while studying alongside your teacher mentor in one of our partner schools. This immersive design intentionally connects learning theory with hands-on practice to build your confidence and skills as a new teacher. When you’re not in the classroom, you meet online in the evening, twice per week, with NYU Steinhardt faculty and peers facilitated by state-of-the-art interactive tools. Your cohort becomes a closely knit learning community for you to grow with and lean on throughout – and beyond – the residency experience.

Content area preparation

The Teacher Residency prepares middle and high school teachers for specific content areas. You learn the practical skills that are essential for all effective teachers, such as building responsive and respectful classroom cultures, and the content-related skills that help you inspire and convey subject-area knowledge to students. Choosing a content area to specialize in is one of the first steps to apply to the Teacher Residency. Content area options include:

  • English
  • Mathematics
  • Science: biology, chemistry, Earth science, and physics
  • Social studies
  • Special education generalist

The 2020 application has closed. The 2021 application will open later this summer.

 The focus on cultural responsiveness was so important. There’s so much I learned that I never would have been able to handle on my own.

graduate, 2019 cohort
Corona Norco Unified School District, CA

More than 50% of teacher residents identify as people of color

 I grew up in Brooklyn. I love that I get to come back to my home city and work with a community that I have experience with and care about.

graduate, 2019 cohort
Brooklyn Prospect Charter School

8 communities across the country

 Whether you aspire to become a special education teacher in an integrated co-teaching classroom or a US history teacher for Advanced Placement students, this program offers the skills needed to connect with, engage, empower, challenge, and reach all of your students.

Diana Turk
Vice Chair, Department of Teaching and Learning; Co-Director, NYU Teacher Residency,
NYU Steinhardt

 It’s clear our goals are to absorb material in one class at a time, build strong relationships, and get increasingly comfortable with eventually becoming the lead teacher.

graduate, 2018 cohort
Syracuse City School District