How to apply

We are committed to preparing teachers from a wide range of backgrounds to closely reflect the students in our partner schools’ communities.

NYU Steinhardt reviews all applications individually and comprehensively. Our priority is selecting candidates who possess not only basic requirements but a tenacious spirit and true commitment to addressing educational inequity, based on the belief that all students are capable of high achievement. 

The selection process

The Teacher Residency selection process is split into two parts. 

  • NYU Steinhardt faculty review applications first and then invite selected candidates to participate in a group interview. Final admission into the Teacher Residency requires each candidate to pass NYU Steinhardt faculty review.
  • Next, if you are interested in any of our full-day residency partners, you will also go through a selection and hiring process with our district and charter partners.

The timing for communicating faculty decisions as well as the district/charter partner interviewing process for each of the application deadlines can be found below. In general, faculty decisions are made within one month of each application deadline, and decisions based on the district and charter hiring process can be expected to take up to two months. 

Application deadlines and final admission decisions

  • October 12, 2020 Priority Deadline 
    • Faculty review decisions communicated by early November
    • District/charter partner interview process begins in mid-November
    • Final admission decisions communicated in mid-December
  • November 16, 2020 Deadline 
    • Faculty review decisions communicated by mid-December
    • District/charter partner interview process begins in January
    • Final admission decisions communicated in February
  • February 8, 2021 Deadline 
    • Faculty review decisions communicated by late February
    • District/charter partner interview process begins in mid-March
    • Final admissions decisions communicated by late March
  • March 8, 2021 Deadline 
    • Faculty review decisions communicated by late March
    • District/charter partner interview process begins in early April
    • Final admissions decisions communicated in late April
  • April 5, 2021 Deadline 
    • Faculty review decisions communicated by late April
    • District/charter partner interview process begins in early May
    • Final admissions decisions communicated in late May

Note: In order to be notified of your final admissions decision on the above timeframes, you must have all application materials submitted by the corresponding application deadline.

We encourage you to begin and complete the application steps as soon as possible, with special attention given to these steps: check the eligibility requirements and email your unofficial transcripts.

Application steps

1. Check the eligibility requirements

Eligibility to join the Teacher Residency is based on your previous undergraduate and graduate course work. Each content area has different course work requirements. Our eligibility requirements in content course work ensure that our graduates become qualified subject area teachers for each and every student.

Check the eligibility requirements and reference your undergraduate and/or graduate transcripts to ensure initial eligibility. If you are unsure of your eligibility, please contact an enrollment specialist.

2. Complete your application profile

If you have not already done so, complete your profile that gives you access to our application portal, dashboard, and one of our enrollment specialists. Your enrollment specialist can answer questions you may have when completing and submitting your application materials.

3. Email your unofficial transcript(s)

An initial transcript review is required to assess which content area(s) you may be eligible for in the Teacher Residency. Please email unofficial copies of your transcripts for any undergraduate and graduate course work that you have completed to your enrollment specialist.

4. Upload required materials

Once you’ve created your profile, and submitted your unofficial transcript, you’ll receive an email with a link to upload the following documents into our application portal.

  • Transcript Request form

    Your enrollment specialist will send you an email with a Transcript Request form via DocuSign. Once we receive this form, we can request official transcripts on your behalf.

  • Two letters of recommendation

    These should be from people who know you and can comment on your academic and professional qualifications as they relate to your interest in becoming a teacher. Choose people most familiar with your former or current studies, research interests, or work, and avoid recommendations of a personal nature. If you’ve been out of school for some time, you can provide a recommendation from an employer or supervisor. Be sure to reach out to your recommenders and request these letters well in advance of the deadline.

  • Résumé

    You will be provided a template to update your résumé that reflects your employment history, as well as your most recent achievements and pursuits.

  • Essays

    These essays are your opportunity to respond to a few questions from the admissions committee and our residency partners about your goals, interests, and career plans as they relate to earning a master of arts in teaching and entering the teaching profession.

  • Video introduction

    Create a 90-second video that introduces you and explains why you are interested in teaching. Upload it to YouTube, Vimeo, or Google Drive and provide the link to your enrollment specialist. Both faculty and district and charter hiring managers will review your video as part of the selection process.

5. Take the required exams


You are required to take the GRE or Miller Analogies Test (MAT). This is a New York State requirement. If you’ve taken either exam within the past five years, please have your official scores sent to NYU Steinhardt. Our ETS Institution Code is 2556 (NEW YORK U STEINHARDT SCH); a department code is not required. Be sure to select this as your designated score recipient. If you have not taken either exam, please register for your GRE or MAT. Your application will not be reviewed until you have submitted proof to your enrollment specialist that you’ve registered and paid to take either the GRE or MAT. (Please check the GRE and MAT websites to verify testing schedules and procedures, including taking the test at home, because of COVID-19.)

There is no cut score for these exams. GRE or MAT test scores will be viewed in a holistic light and will not outweigh other indicators of your academic, personal, and professional qualifications to be a teacher. For candidates interested in teaching math, the admissions committee views your score as an indicator of mathematical content knowledge and it, therefore, is considered more heavily in determining final admission into the NYU Teacher Residency.

English proficiency exams

If your native language is not English, you must submit results from one of the following English proficiency exams: TOEFL, IELTS, or PTE Academic. This requirement is waived if:

  • You received four years of education as an undergraduate where the official language of instruction of the institution was English for all course work; or
  • You received four years of education as a graduate student where the official language of instruction of the institution was English for all course work; or
  • You received a combined undergraduate and graduate education of four years where the official language of instruction of the institution was English for all course work
  • The Admissions Committee reserves the right to require any candidate, regardless of country of citizenship or prior college experience, to submit results from an English language exam prior to rendering a decision if they believe the applicant’s proficiency in English may not meet admissions standards.

Explore English proficiency testing requirements.

6. Explore financial aid options

To determine your eligibility for scholarships from NYU Steinhardt and to apply for student loans, you must complete and submit the Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA) for both 2020-2021 and 2021-2022. The institution code number for New York University is 002785. FAFSAs must be submitted by May 1, 2021. But don’t wait, submit your FAFSAs today!

7. Pay the $75 nonrefundable application fee

You must pay the application fee with a major credit card. In the application, you will be prompted to review a list of eligible fee waiver populations. Please choose the waiver statement that applies to you. Once your fee is paid, we will not be able to refund it. We may ask for additional information to verify your request for a waiver.

8. NYU Steinhardt faculty admissions committee review and interview

Application review

NYU Steinhardt faculty review all completed applications individually and holistically.

Group interview

If you pass the application review, you will be invited to a group interview where you’ll engage in a discussion with four to five other candidates along with a faculty member. To prepare for your group interview, you’ll be asked to read a 2,000-word article about culturally responsive teaching. You’ll also receive a Teacher Residency survey where you will indicate your partner region preferences. Completing the residency preference survey is required before you will be eligible for first-round interviews with our district and charter partners.

If you are approved by the admissions committee, you will be notified that you’ve met Steinhardt’s academic standards and requirements for entry into our master’s degree program.

If you are approved by the admissions committee and you indicated interest in our half-day NYC Department of Education (DOE) or Danbury Public Schools partnerships, you will be notified if you receive an offer. If you are interested in our full-day residency partnerships, you will move into the district and charter selection and hiring process before a final decision is rendered.

9. District and charter hiring process (full-day partners only)

First-round interview

After your application has passed NYU Steinhardt faculty review, your résumé, essays, and video introduction will be forwarded to full-day residency partners, based on your preference survey answers. The hiring managers for each of our district and charter partners review your application materials to decide who to invite to first-round interviews.

Final interview

Based on the first round of interviews, the hiring team for our district and charter partners will hold interviews to determine final admissions decisions into the Teacher Residency and hiring into their school communities.

10. Receive your admission details

Our Office of Graduate Admissions will notify you about your final admission to the NYU Teacher Residency via email.

11. View your financial aid/review tuition and fees

Once admitted and you’ve submitted your FAFSAs to NYU, you will receive an email from the Office of Financial Aid with guidance on how to review any scholarships, financial aid, and tuition fees in our student information system, Albert.

12. Accept or decline our offer of admission

To accept your offer with NYU Steinhardt, you’ll be asked to pay a $200 nonrefundable deposit that will be applied directly to your tuition.

Please note: Candidates offered a position in one of our full-day residency partners will receive a separate offer letter for employment from the district or charter organization. You will be asked to sign documents that ensure you are clear about the commitment you are making to their organization. If you have questions about your offer letter, please contact your district or charter hiring representative.

Deferral policy: NYU Steinhardt does not allow deferrals. Applicants who wish to be considered for a future year must reapply by submitting a new application with all supporting materials, including letters of recommendation, by the application deadline.

NOTE: Please be advised that licensing agencies and fieldwork placement facilities in your field of study require that you undergo a criminal background check, the results of which the agency or facility must find acceptable before placement or licensure.

For tips on some of the application collateral requirements, please visit our blog:

 I didn’t realize initially how unique the residency experience would be. Instead of only a short time in the classroom, in this extended period of time, I’ve learned so much more. I’ve changed my opinions and become more flexible in my understanding of what students need.

graduate, 2019 cohort,
Syracuse City School District

 I was scared because I didn’t know what online looked like and wondered how I would stay on top of myself if it’s all online. How would I hold myself accountable to complete the work, especially with group projects and things of that nature? But the online tools actually helped me manage my workload.

graduate, 2019 cohort,
Brooklyn Prospect Charter School (now Prospect Schools)