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If you’re applying to grad school, you’ll want to get your resume in lean, mean, fighting shape.  A strong resume can make all the difference in highlighting your relevant experience and rounding out your qualifications. It also will maximize your chance of being admitted into a top-tier program. Plus, you’ll have a strong foundation for when you apply to jobs in the future.

  1. Simplify your template. Be mindful when it comes to formatting and choosing a clean, professional template that will allow your competency to speak for itself. Think streamlined and simple. Overly designed formats only serve to muddle the point. Make your skills and experience come through loud and clear. Sleek presentation is half the battle.
  2. Bring it to life. A living, breathing person is going to be reading this resume. And they’ve sloughed through hundreds before yours. Keep their eyes from further glazing over by standing out from the crowd. Effectively communicate your skills by providing context and quantify any significant results you’ve achieved. Be specific. Describe the experiences in which you’ve demonstrated the skills you’re highlighting. Focus on outcomes. And strategically use power words, like “achieved,” “improved,” and “resolved.”
  3. Match your words to the program. Be sure to use language that’s relevant to your chosen area of study. Thoughtful positioning of your experience as it relates to the program that you’re applying to will help demonstrate your potential for success—and safeguard against filler content.
  4. Get fresh eyes on it. Nothing kills your mojo like a typo. Make sure there are no spelling, grammatical, spacing, or formatting errors. Float it by a friend to clean it up and line check it for you. Be open to feedback, edit accordingly, and then read it again to be sure it sings.

Follow these steps, and we’re sure you’ll create a top-notch resume that will help you achieve your dreams of graduate school. And, if you’re thinking about becoming a teacher, consider NYU Steinhardt’s Embedded Master of Arts in Teaching residency program. In one year, you could have a master’s degree from one of the nation’s top schools and a full year of teaching experience under your belt.

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