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Ideas for creating a video introduction

You’ve made the big decision to apply to the NYU Teacher Residency. This time is filled with excitement, so you should stay focused and organized with a clear plan for completing the various parts of the application. We know the application process can be slightly overwhelming, and we’re here to help through the process.

One of the new requirements for the application is a 90-second video that explains why you are interested in teaching. This video will serve to introduce you to the NYU Steinhardt faculty and our school partners. Here are four tips to make your video stand out:

  1. Ask yourself the tough questions: It’s time to get real. Consider what is critically important for someone to know about you and your journey. Ask yourself what makes your story, your passion, and your drive to be an excellent teacher unique. Think about what might be considered filler content and what is substantial information that an admissions officer should know about you and why you want to teach. Drawing on your motivations and past experiences can be powerful tools to help you find the answers.
  2. Create a (loose) script: With the ubiquity of video in our everyday lives, a 90-second clip may sound short enough to simply shoot “off the cuff.” This introduction is your chance to speak directly to the NYU Steinhardt faculty and the staff in the schools where you want to teach. While you may be tempted to press record after your brainstorm, we highly recommend you create a script. Briefly outline the points you want to cover. Use your outline to guide your introduction and still give you space to add your authentic voice and character.
  3. Practice: Once you have an outline or script for what you want to cover, take time to practice. Video can capture your personality in ways that the written word often cannot. Being intentional about practicing provides ample time to get comfortable in front of the camera and helps you think about where and how you’ll shoot the video. Prepare your backdrop and think about the time of day that you’ll record your video. Is the sun shining behind you making your face unclear? Are birds chirping or dogs barking making it difficult to hear your voice? Do you feel more comfortable standing or sitting? Practice all aspects of recording the video so when the time comes for the final shoot, you’ll feel confident and relaxed.
  4. Be yourself: Video is an effective way to add emotions to your words. Think about the difference between speaking to a loved one on the phone and using video chat. We’ve embraced video for a reason; we can see expressions and cues that aren’t visible otherwise. Show the application committee your true nature and resist the urge to be perfect. You do not need fancy production; instead focus on your words, expressions, and showcasing who you are.

Our team of enrollment specialists are your best resource. Connect with us if you need additional support.