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You’ll learn with NYU faculty while teaching in a district or charter network directly invested in your success.

EMAT teaching residents are embedded in urban, high-need middle and high school classrooms within partner school districts and charter networks across the country. These partners provide financial support to make the EMAT affordable to a diverse group of students. School districts will commit financing to offset the cost of your tuition in exchange for your commitment to teach in the district for two years beyond graduation.* Charter school partners do not require a work commitment beyond graduation.

*Note: Based on successful completion of the program, eligibility and availability.

Residency Partners

Districts and charter networks are diverse by definition. Successfully finding the right fit and interviewing with your chosen school is a critical part of your admission process.

As the program grows, more partner locations are being added. Contact admissions directly for information on available positions among participating districts and charter network locations coming in the next academic year.

This is where I belong. I could not have picked a better place for me.
Adriana Great Oaks EMAT Resident

Tucson Unified School District AZ

One of the largest districts in Southern Arizona, Tucson Unified is committed to being a leader in education. The district values diversity and serves families at every level with visible results. Tucson Unified teachers are grounded and bolstered by a solid mentoring program and strong wellness initiatives. New teachers join a family of hands-on professionals passionate about assisting students and families with everything from teaching English to connecting with services. Teaching here is an opportunity to reach into the hearts and minds of families with meaningful, lasting impact.
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Great Oaks Charter Schools CT, DE, NJ, NY

Great Oaks schools are community resources truly focused on enabling their diverse students to reach higher with daily individualized tutoring. This tutoring system works to empower students to take their future into their own hands, compete successfully and close the achievement gap between themselves and their wealthier peers—while amplifying their ability to give back as leaders in their own communities. Teachers will find they can make greater personal impact here on a one-to-one basis. Each school features its own unique profile, culture, structure and styles of teaching amid a shared dedication to college preparation and success.

Great Oaks Charter School Residencies Are Currently Offered at Schools in:

  • Bridgeport, Connecticut
  • Wilmington, Delaware
  • Newark, New Jersey
  • New York, New York

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San Francisco Unified School District CA

Given its location on the Pacific Coast and a diverse student population spanning 70+ home languages, San Francisco Unified schools are community-involved by definition, with individual teacher autonomy driven by culturally responsive teaching. Built on a collaborative, supportive, and teacher-driven model, student support services are the focus, alongside active involvement inside the broader communities. Special focus on social justice and culturally responsive teaching stands out across schools. Currently the district is seeking more middle school teachers, in particular. Experienced and successful with the teacher residency model, SFUSD individual teacher support includes a strong new teacher induction program.
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Syracuse City School District NY

A progressive district located in central New York state, the Syracuse City School District leads with advancing and deeper services within a widely diverse student body and community (including a large refugee population), featuring over 70 languages. Here individual teachers can make a real difference inside and outside the classroom by connecting with families on every level. Robust teacher support and professional development reflect an “opportunity culture,” featuring a strong internal pipeline for advancement for those aspiring to administration. Enrollment is rising, as is the need for teachers ready to join a progressive district on the national map for technology programs as well as outreach.
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Brooklyn Prospect Charter Schools NY

Founded and run by excellent teachers, Brooklyn Prospect has produced outstanding student results among an incredibly diverse student body. Teachers here are also a diverse group with an average of 7+ years experience, collectively speaking 15 different languages. The majority hold advanced degrees. The guiding principle behind Brooklyn Prospect is a reimagination of elementary, middle, and high school education with the purpose of preparing students to thrive in a global, 21st-century community. Finding your fit here means connecting with a student population ready for positive influence.
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City School District of Albany NY

The City School District of Albany is the smallest New York state district participating in the EMAT program, providing individuals opportunities to stand out and become part of a close-knit community. Recognized by dynamic growth from expanding refugee populations, students here speak 57 languages from 50 countries demonstrating the full spectrum of achievement levels. While rising graduation rates continue to be a goal, especially among boys, the district is also a regional leader in high school AP and IB courses. Residents here will have an opportunity to explore a wide range of teaching experiences with the potential to grow toward leadership if desired.
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