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Teacher Resident Julie Candia with icons representing the transition to becoming a special education teacher after a career and kids.
March 2, 2021

NYU Teacher Residency Alumni Profile: After a Career and Kids, Becoming a Special Education Teacher

For Julie Candia, a 2020 NYU Teacher Residency alum, the decision to become a teacher came after a significant career...
NYU Teacher Resident Ray Badal
December 15, 2020

NYU Teacher Residency Alumni Profile: Addressing Equity through Teaching

“I felt like my career as a pilot didn’t have a purpose. It wasn’t fulfilling; it was just a way...
NYU Teacher Residency alum Ericka Willacy
December 8, 2020

NYU Teacher Residency Alumni Profile: A Young Professional Takes a Leap into Her Love of Math

“In high school, I enjoyed helping my peers during math class.” Ericka Willacy had a gift for teaching long before...
NYU alum, Alterraun Verner
November 18, 2020

NYU Teacher Residency Alumni Profile: From NFL Cornerback to Math Teacher

“The NFL was my love and passion. But I knew deep down that I would end up teaching.” Alterraun Verner...
Katie Miller and her daugher
November 16, 2020

NYU Teacher Residency Alumni Profile: Community, Hands-on Learning and Relationship-building in Special Education

“It was an instant spark. I immediately knew the student who I wanted to teach.” Katie Miller described the moment...
Zac Lois
September 30, 2020

From Special Forces to the Classroom: How One Veteran Leverages Military Experience in Education

“When I talk to my veteran friends, I say ‘I’m coaching, teaching, and mentoring’ just like I was as a...
Cameron Schiavone
September 16, 2020

NYU Teacher Residency Alumni Profile: Finding Your Purpose and Calling

“I want to make a difference; I want to leave a footprint when I die.” Cameron Schiavone found himself questioning...
Teacher Resident Brittany Ray
May 2, 2019

Teacher Resident Profile: Former Marine Brittany Ray Shares Her Story

“I was flying on C-130 military jets, conducting cargo airdrop missions and air-to-air refueling.” Brittany Ray, a teacher resident in...