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Teacher Resident Julie Candia with icons representing the transition to becoming a special education teacher after a career and kids.
March 2, 2021

NYU Teacher Residency Alumni Profile: After a Career and Kids, Becoming a Special Education Teacher

For Julie Candia, a 2020 NYU Teacher Residency alum, the decision to become a teacher came after a significant career...
NYU Teacher Resident Stephanie Melendez with four icons representing her advocacy work, residency site state of Florida, community organizer experience, and history content area.
February 1, 2021

NYU Teacher Residency Alum Profile: From Community Organizing to Teaching

“I previously did work in community organizing while I was in college, and I feel that teaching allows me to...
February 24, 2020

Palm Beach Teacher Residency Partner Featured Ed Week Leader

Gonzalo La Cava, chief of human resources at the School District of Palm Beach County, an NYU Teacher Residency partner,...
Principal David Alfonso
April 3, 2019

Leading with Authenticity and Care in the School District of Palm Beach County

“When I tell you I love what I do, I really do mean it.” David Alfonso, principal at Palm Beach...