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Teacher Resident Robbie Marshall with icons representing the success he found with the gradual release model and teacher mentor.
February 19, 2021

NYU Teacher Residency Alumni Profile: How Substitute Teaching Paved a Path to a Career in Education

Robbie Marshall majored in history in college and knew he wanted to find a job related to the subject. He...
NYU Teacher Resident Stephanie Melendez with four icons representing her advocacy work, residency site state of Florida, community organizer experience, and history content area.
February 1, 2021

NYU Teacher Residency Alum Profile: From Community Organizing to Teaching

“I previously did work in community organizing while I was in college, and I feel that teaching allows me to...
NYU Teacher Resident Ray Badal
December 15, 2020

NYU Teacher Residency Alumni Profile: Addressing Equity through Teaching

“I felt like my career as a pilot didn’t have a purpose. It wasn’t fulfilling; it was just a way...
Zac Lois
September 30, 2020

From Special Forces to the Classroom: How One Veteran Leverages Military Experience in Education

“When I talk to my veteran friends, I say ‘I’m coaching, teaching, and mentoring’ just like I was as a...
Teacher Resident Brittany Ray
May 2, 2019

Teacher Resident Profile: Former Marine Brittany Ray Shares Her Story

“I was flying on C-130 military jets, conducting cargo airdrop missions and air-to-air refueling.” Brittany Ray, a teacher resident in...
March 15, 2018

Why a Grad Chose a Teacher Residency

Adriana Garcia, who earned a Master’s of Arts in Teaching through our residency program, spoke to Chalkbeat New York about...