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Teacher Education Reinvented
Supporting Excellence in Teacher Education

At the NYU Teacher Residency, we stay informed on education trends and news about teacher preparation, advances in student learning, and the latest research. This helps us understand the larger context in which we prepare aspiring teachers. Below are a list of articles that recently caught our attention.

Teacher Voice: The Black Men Who Proved that a Student Like Me Could Be a Teacher Like Them (The Hechinger Report) In this opinion piece, a teacher suggests three ways to reimagine and reinvent the US teaching force.

Even Gifted Educators Say Their Classes Don’t Reach All Who Need Them (Education Week) According to a new survey from the Education Week Research Center, gifted and talented programs are failing to reach black, Latino, and Native American students; children who live in poverty; and English-language learners.

Chicago’s Bilingual Teacher Residency: A Partnership to Strengthen the Teacher Pipeline: (New America) This report examines how the Chicago Public Schools, National Louis University, and National Center for Teacher Residencies teamed up to launch the city’s first bilingual teacher residency.

Teacher Residency and Federal Dollars: One Approach to Solving the Rural Teacher Shortage (The 74 Million) The US Department of Education’s Teacher Quality Partnership program released $20 million this year to 31 sites, including those in rural areas.

Math Looks The Same In The Brains Of Boys And Girls, Study Finds (NPR) Reported by the journal Science of Learning, researchers found similar patterns of brain activity in young boys and girls while engaged in basic math tasks.

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