Part-time Teacher Residency

30-credit MAT and part-time classroom experience

The part-time Teacher Residency prepares you for the realities of the classroom with rigorous course work and hands-on practice. In this part-time schedule, you complete a 30-credit master of arts in teaching and a 20-hour-per-week residency (referred to as “part-time” or “half-day”) in one partner school over the course of one year. Mentoring, coaching, advising, and moral support from your teacher mentor, content mentor, NYU Steinhardt faculty, and residency director provide a safe and effective environment to learn and grow. In addition, you forge meaningful relationships with your peers as they become your essential learning community throughout the residency year.

You build deep knowledge of how to serve all students – including emergent bilinguals and students with disabilities – in your chosen content area by gradually increasing responsibilities in the same school for the entire year. You are positioned to serve the communities in which you work through lessons on culturally-responsive teaching, asset-based approaches to education, and how to lift all students to reach their unique potential. 

You have access to mentorship and support from your partner school while undergoing a part-time, 20-hour-per-week schedule in the same school for the entire year. Once you graduate, there is no requirement to teach at your partner location beyond the residency year. 

Part-time Teacher Residency benefits

  • Part-time residency schedule (20 hours/week)
  • NYU Steinhardt’s innovative curriculum to support teacher preparedness and  effectiveness
  • Online learning that uses state-of-the-art tools to connect practice, mentoring, and course work in a collaborative environment
  • Supportive cohort learning from teacher resident peers
  • Individual growth cultivated and guided by NYU Steinhardt’s expert faculty and teacher mentors 
  • No tuition subsidy or stipend wage provided by district/charter partners
  • No requirement to teach at partner location beyond the residency year

Learn more about the part-time Teacher Residency

Find information on the school partners where you can learn to teach. Examine the fees associated with this program. Learn what a typical weekly schedule looks like and what your teaching mentor’s role is in your success.

If you’re not sure what option is for you, explore the full-time Teacher Residency.

Part-time partner locations in: NYC DOE and Danbury, CT

 What drew me in the most was that it was very hands-on; I could be in the classroom for the whole year. I really appreciated that you didn’t switch schools throughout the program.

graduate, 2019 cohort
Syracuse City School District

 I’ve taken classes online but I've never been able to go to school online. Relationships are fostered and, even though we’re all in different places, there’s a real connection established.

graduate, 2019 cohort
Corona Norco Unified School District, CA