Inclusive Childhood Education Curriculum | NYU Teacher Residency

Inclusive Childhood Education curriculum

The curriculum, developed in sequential modules, focuses on the duality of the degree – pedagogical, field-based, inclusive, and content-focused courses for all learners Grades 1-6. Your courses, embedded with special education pedagogy, align to the co-teaching classroom environments in which you are immersed throughout the year. Your teacher team consists of expert NYU Steinhardt faculty and a teacher mentor in your partner school.

We intentionally created graduate courses that model the elementary inclusion classroom. We place a particular emphasis on meeting the needs of multilingual learners, working with families, and integrating the arts into learning.



Your course work helps you learn about your students, their families, and their community. In the classroom, you begin to apply this knowledge as your mentor teacher starts the school year.

3.0 credits


You learn about the different kinds of inclusive classrooms and connect how you were taught to how you teach. You apply this knowledge in the classroom as you understand why your mentor teacher establishes certain routines and procedures.

Late Summer Through Early Fall
6.0 credits

Active practice

Your course work focuses on content areas and how you teach subjects to diverse learners, including bilingual speakers, students with special needs, English language learners, and students with varying literacy abilities. In the classroom, you apply this knowledge to your students' community.

Late Fall Through Spring
20.0 credits

Peak teaching

You learn about your responsibilities as a teacher and how those duties affect your relationship with your students. As the lead teacher in the classroom, you apply all your course work to ensure your teaching meets the needs of your school and each student's academic achievement goals.

At the end of the year, you finish your Participatory Action Research (PAR) project. At that point, you have completed the requirements for your Teacher Residency and demonstrated the skills of a highly effective teacher.

Spring Through Summer
5.0 credits

*Note: The course work and fieldwork lead to eligibility for initial teaching certification in New York State. Please visit our Professional Licensure page for more information.

 In the NYU Teacher Residency, we say it all starts with community. The Inclusive Childhood Education degree models this idea with course work that helps our teacher residents deeply understand and connect with elementary students and their families.