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Teacher Education Reinvented
Supporting Excellence in Teacher Education
A teacher holding a tablet computer stands before a group of students in a classroom.

Earning a master’s degree in teaching demonstrates a commitment to the science and craft of educating others. Master of Arts in Teaching (MAT) programs cover the theoretical foundations of learning and teaching while preparing educators in pedagogical skills. Whether you are already teaching or looking to enter the profession, an MAT prepares you for a lifetime of teaching others and improving your skills.

Once you’ve decided that an MAT is for you, the next step is to find the right program. The Master of Arts in Teaching degree (MAT) from New York University is a transformative teacher preparation program combining the academic rigor of a top research university with valuable field experience (i.e., a one-year residency). 

NYU offers two degree options for this program: inclusive childhood education and secondary education. Continue reading to learn more about the MAT program and discover which degree option matches your goals.

The NYU Teaching Residency: An Overview

NYU’s Teaching Residency is predicated on the core beliefs that every child deserves an excellent education. The American Association of Colleges for Teacher Education has recognized the strength of the program with the Best Practice Award in Support of Multicultural Education and Diversity. 

Online instruction in the MAT program includes bi-weekly synchronous sessions in the evening with a cohort of like-minded peers. The cutting-edge curriculum informs future teachers on educational content, modern learning theory, and communication skills for working with families and diverse communities.

In addition to virtual academic instruction, participants complete a one-year immersion through a field placement with partnering districts and charter schools. With the support of a close cohort of fellow students, guidance from NYU faculty, and collaboration with a teacher mentor within your placement school, you will learn and apply your knowledge to foster a supportive learning environment built on mutual respect and asset-based learning. 

The teacher mentor is a valuable resource on your support team. A seasoned educator at your placement school, your mentor assists with your gradual transition into a leadership role in the classroom as you build your practical knowledge and skills. When it is time for you to lead a classroom, you will be ready to meet the needs of each student and build a community of learners.

Completing the program fulfills the qualifications to earn a Master of Arts in Teaching and a recommendation for initial teaching certification in New York State. Licensure requirements for other states may vary.

The program offers two degree options: inclusive childhood education and secondary education

MAT in Inclusive Childhood Education

The MAT in inclusive childhood education is well suited to teachers interested in working with younger learners and/or students with disabilities. Upon completing the degree program, graduates receive dual certification in childhood education in grades 1–6 and teaching childhood special education for Pre-K – Grade 12. 

Inclusive childhood education may be a good fit for you if you are:

  • Comfortable teaching all subjects, including the arts
  • Prepared to model behaviors and assist students in learning how to communicate with and treat one another
  • Excited about the opportunity to help mold a student’s social, emotional, and academic foundations

Teachers expose young learners to fundamental subjects, possibly for the first time. They also play a crucial role in nurturing students as they develop a stronger sense of self. The academic and social instruction received in elementary school form the foundation of their learning, establishing a solid base of skills and knowledge to build upon in future years.

Inclusive Childhood MAT Curriculum

The inclusive childhood MAT curriculum encompasses all aspects of education for grades 1-6. A special education instructional format is embedded into courses to mirror the co-teaching classroom environments in which cohort members participate during the residency. The coursework emphasizes meeting the needs of multilingual learners, working with families, and integrating the arts into teaching.

Inclusive Childhood Residency Locations

Currently, placement in one of NYU’s partner school districts or charter schools for an inclusive childhood residency is available at select locations.

The residency aspect of the MAT program is integral to the program. As part of the application process, candidates choose between a guaranteed residency at NYC Department of Education schools, or a residency at a partner school participating in the inclusive childhood education program (application required; capacity limited). 

MAT in Secondary Education

The MAT in secondary education provides a path forward for future educators aspiring to teach a single subject to middle or high school students. At the end of the program, successful candidates qualify in a secondary teaching content area (English, mathematics, science, or social studies) for grades 7–12 (with a grades 5–6 extension) or in secondary special education for grades 7–12.

Secondary education may be a good fit for you if you:

  • Are passionate about teaching a specific subject
  • Enjoy challenging your students to develop their thinking skills and encouraging them to ask questions
  • Want to support tweens and teenagers as they grow academically and socially into young adults

Middle and high school teachers are essential in preparing students to transition to college and the workforce. They teach a curriculum that builds more profound knowledge of complex subjects. They also serve as a resource for guidance and advice.

Secondary Education MAT Curriculum Overview 

NYU’s secondary education curriculum addresses teaching students with disabilities; designing rich, culturally sustaining curriculum content; and addressing and measuring comprehension of students with differing learning needs.

In addition to NYU faculty and your individual teacher mentor, your support network will include a content mentor who will work with your content cohort to help prepare you for your specific subject area. 

Residency Locations for the Secondary Education MAT

Most of NYU’s partner school districts and charter schools offer the MAT in secondary education. Residency opportunities are available in New York, New Jersey, and Washington, D.C.

The residency aspect of the MAT program is integral to the program. As part of the application process, candidates will choose between a guaranteed residency at NYC Department of Education schools, or a residency at any of the partner schools participating in the secondary education program (application required; capacity limited). 

The MAT Experience at NYU Steinhardt

No matter which degree option you choose, you will have access to a supportive team of mentors, peers, and faculty to guide you through the Teacher Residency program. You will graduate with the confidence and skill set necessary to build an engaged classroom environment in which all students are valued and respected. As a recent graduate put it, “I didn’t realize initially how unique the residency experience would be. Instead of only a short time in the classroom, in this extended period of time, I’ve learned so much more. I’ve changed my opinions and become more flexible in my understanding of what students need.”

Take the Next Step in Your Master’s of Teaching Journey

Take your next step toward a rewarding teaching career at NYU. The program prepares you to be an educator to all students and supports your commitment to diversity and equity in our schools and communities. The NYU Teacher Residency is a transformative teacher preparation program that offers a valuable teaching residency experience. With two teaching paths to choose from – inclusive childhood education and secondary education – you can tailor your degree to your career goals. Contact the MAT admissions team to schedule an application walkthrough or start your application today.