Will I be earning a salary?

This differs by residency option: full-time or part-time. Visit the Full-time Residency page and Part-time Residency page for more details.

Full-time Residency

In the full-time Teacher Residency, you will be paid for work you do to support students during your residency year in the program while you earn a subsidized master’s degree. In return, you must commit to two years of teaching following residency at your partner school.

You can count on $15,000 to $26,500 in wages to help with your educational and living expenses. This stipend or salary is determined by our district or charter partners. You can see the current wages and benefits offered to Resident Interns on the individual school location pages.

Part-time Residency

In the part-time Teacher Residency, a tuition subsidy and stipend or wage from your partner school is unavailable. However, you are not required to commit to any length of teaching following residency at your partner school in this option.