What are the eligibility requirements to apply to teach special education (generalist)?

Available at partner locations in California and New York

You must have completed a bachelor’s degree with a strong GPA. If you have 30 credits in a liberal arts major or concentration (or a minimum of 24 credits*) and have a distribution of credits in the below content areas, you are eligible to apply to the Special Education Generalist Grades 7 – 12 program for partner schools in California and New York. To learn more about what is defined as “liberal arts,” please visit the New York State Department of Education’s website. To learn more about the distribution requirements, please see the content areas on corresponding pages. Course codes would likely be an aggregate of those listed for the content areas. You must have:

  • 6 semester hours of English language arts
  • 6 semester hours of mathematics (includes statistics)
  • 6 semester hours of natural or physical sciences
  • 6 semester hours of social studies/social sciences

*If you are missing 6 semester hours from what is listed above, you can still be accepted into the Teacher Residency. You would be required to make up the remainder of the credits before the end of your residency year in order to be eligible for recommendation for certification.

Available at partner locations in Florida

If you have a bachelor’s degree, you are eligible to apply to the Exceptional Student Education program for partner schools in Florida.