5 Reasons to Become a Teacher

In one year, you could become a teacher

The application for the June 2022 cohort will open this summer.
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Have you ever considered becoming a teacher? 

Teaching can be one of the most rewarding and powerful ways to make a positive difference in the world. The NYU Teacher Residency, a one-year combined residency and online master of arts in teaching (MAT), prepares you to teach middle and high school students of all backgrounds and all instructional needs.

Location options include Washington, DC; Danbury, CT; New York City; Upstate and Central New York; Palm Beach, FL; and San Francisco, CA.

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Are you curious about what makes teaching so impactful?

Here are five reasons to become a teacher

Do work that matters

One of the most profound ways to make a positive impact is to become a teacher. When you become a teacher, you actively make the future more promising. You help children and young adults prepare for life, build dreams, and create bright futures. Purpose can be found daily in the classroom. As you probably experienced during your own time in school, teachers are so often the foundational support in young people’s lives.

Become part of a community

You play an integral role – professionally and personally – in a neighborhood. You form a connection with families unlike you would in any other career. You also create a close-knit community with fellow educators, who act as your support system, mentors, and friends to help you navigate the rewarding experience of being a teacher.

Preparation to serve all learners

As an aspiring teacher, you are an important part of the promise to address longstanding issues of equity in classrooms across the US. The Teacher Residency is built on the core beliefs that every child deserves an excellent education and that our diverse schools must have a teaching force that reflects local communities.

Share your passion

As a teacher, you will help students develop a love of learning and a thirst for knowledge. Perhaps you are a history buff or a writer and you want to inspire students to explore their own interests in social studies or language arts. Maybe you love science and math and want to help all students understand that these subjects are critical for their futures. You will have an opportunity to expose students to new ideas, subjects, and points of view while sharing your own passions. By leveraging your expertise in a particular content area, you will help students explore their own interests and build confidence in courses they may not have believed they had an aptitude for.

Help students learn, and never stop learning yourself

No two days of teaching are the same and much of this is attributed to the fact that learning is involved. Helping a student learn means supporting their growth, development, and discovery on a daily basis. You will open doors for students to different ways of thinking, fascinating ideas, and new subjects when you choose a career in education. Some days you may witness the lightbulb shine when your class grasps a new concept. Other days your purpose may be found through a conversation with a student who is struggling in other parts of their life. All of this occurs while you are growing and learning right alongside your students.

I’ve taken classes online but I’ve never been able to go to school online. Relationships are fostered and, even though we’re all in different places, there’s a real connection established.



The Teacher Residency requires no previous teaching experience or education course work. However, we do require a commitment to becoming a highly skilled educator and a strong belief that every child deserves a great education.

College graduates with a strong academic grounding in English, math, social studies, or science are encouraged to apply. To qualify for special education, a foundation in the liberal arts and a desire to support students with disabilities is required.

Although there is no minimum GPA requirement, a 3.0 undergraduate GPA is preferred. However, we still encourage strong applicants with lower than a 3.0 GPA to apply.

Most undergraduate degrees in the liberal arts and sciences meet this requirement. Missing course work can be arranged for outstanding applicants. State certification requirements vary.

GRE or MAT test scores will be viewed in a holistic light and will not outweigh other indicators of your academic, personal, and professional qualifications to be a teacher.

Learn more about the eligibility requirements in content areas. Our enrollment specialists can answer all your questions about content-area requirements, your transcript, or course codes.

NYU Teacher Residency Program Experience

Upon successful completion, the Teacher Residency provides you with a master of arts in teaching and recommendation for initial certification in New York State in a secondary teaching content area in English, mathematics, science, or social studies for Grades 7-12, or in special education – students with disabilities 7-12 generalist.

Total Immersion with Guided Support

While you teach alongside teacher mentors, technology-enhanced feedback sessions with faculty allow you to share challenges and gain helpful advice as you gradually increase your responsibilities in the classroom.

NYU Steinhardt’s Innovative Curriculum

Faculty are experts in a range of urban education issues including emergent bilinguals, fiscal inequities between urban and suburban schools, racial segregation, and restorative justice. Faculty instruct you online with course modules that align with what you’re doing in the classroom.