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2020-2021 NYU Teacher Residency cohort and states

The NYU Teacher Residency recently began its fifth year. We’ve experienced an increase in teacher resident cohorts every single year, from 12 residents in 2016 to now 118 aspiring educators!

Although, the number of residents isn’t the only fact that marks our growth. We expanded our footprint to encompass complex districts and charter organizations across the nation. Our 2020-2021 cohort will experience an immersive residency in: Albany, NY; Danbury, CT; New York City; San Francisco; Syracuse, NY; or Washington, DC.

The Teacher Residency is designed with a rigorous master of arts in teaching curriculum that syncs with the gradual increase of responsibilities that residents assume in the classroom. Along the way, residents receive feedback from teacher mentors and NYU Steinhardt faculty who work to understand the differences, needs, and skills of our residents.

This year brings additional challenges to residents as schools across the nation respond to COVID-19. NYU Steinhardt faculty and our partner schools are committed to supporting residents and students during this unique time. We designed our course modules using state-of-the-art technology to maximize collaboration so residents become comfortable working and meeting online and the remote support system around them is flexible and effective.

A few fast facts about the 2020-2021 cohort:

  • 61 percent identify as Black, Indigenous, People of Color (BIPOC)
  • 62 percent will teach in a high-needs subject area
  • 29.5 percent will teach math and science
  • 32.7 percent will teach special education
  • 71 percent of teacher residents are under 30
  • 9 percent of teacher residents are over 40

Our residents shared with us what they most look forward to this year:

“I am looking forward to advocating for students with disabilities to have teachers who understand their situations and are equipped to work with such students effectively, while collaborating with other teachers to help them achieve success in an accessible and equitable education.” – Dante Rodriguez, Special Education, Albany, NY region

“I am the most excited about being able to build relationships with students, and learning the best and most effective ways of teaching my favorite subject. I am looking forward to the hands-on approach that a teacher residency promotes, and to be a part of students’ lives in a positive way.” – Sarah Wang, Social Studies, Danbury, CT region

“I am most looking forward to sharing experiences and techniques used in the classroom; also, receiving and giving feedback so we all grow together.” – Natalya Bennett, English Language Arts, New York City region

“I can’t wait to learn alongside great educators and see how folks perform in the classroom. I’m excited to serve in the forward-thinking San Francisco Unified School District, which has a history of commitment to social justice.” – Russ Aguilar, Science, San Francisco, CA

“I like the fact that NYU’s Teacher Residency program emphasizes helping its students gain teaching experience in the classroom. So, I am looking forward to meeting new students and developing my teaching style.” – Quinn Cachola, Science, Syracuse, NY

“I’m most excited about learning how to effectively communicate the importance of a subject to my students. I want to be a guide for my students, so I need to learn the best way to teach and relate to them.” – Alyssa Girod, Math, Washington, DC

We are thrilled to support, encourage, and prepare our 2020-2021 cohort as they progress over the next year!