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Teacher Education Reinvented
Supporting Excellence in Teacher Education
An NYU banner and flag hangs on a campus building.

The NYU Teacher Residency has kicked off its fourth year, and this time with the largest cohort yet. For the next year, 89 teacher residents will take part in this immersive teacher preparation program that combines hands-on learning in a school classroom with a master’s of arts in teaching. The course work is designed to mirror what residents are actively experiencing alongside their teacher mentors, and the model is designed to build a robust understanding of and commitment to community.

This idea of community starts with a cohort of peers who come from a variety of personal and professional backgrounds and who will teach in communities across the country. It is important that our dedication to community extends to every aspect of the program, which is why we believe on-the-ground teacher training is essential to becoming an excellent educator. The NYU Teacher Residency is not one-size-fits-all and neither are our residents.

Residents range in age:

  • This year’s cohort ranges from age 21 to age 60.

Residents represent a variety of professional experiences:

  • This year’s cohort includes former athletes, new college graduates, career changers, and school district employees. 

The majority of residents are people of color:

  • 54 percent of this year’s cohort identify as a person of color (compared with 20 percent of all teachers nationally, Pew Research, 2018).

Residents think math is cool:

  • Three times as many residents than in previous years will focus on math as their primary content area.

Residents have a lot of talent and outside interests:

  • This year’s cohort has a variety of hobbies including crochet, playing instruments, snowboarding, beekeeping, baking, journaling, hiking, dancing, video gaming, weightlifting, and even seeking dare-devil activities. 

Residents share why they want to embark on this journey to become teachers:

  • “My main goal is to help students find their purpose, overcome struggles, and become confident learners. I want to give each student an equitable and transformative education.” Katie, New York City, NY
  • “My wife is a teacher and she has inspired me daily with her dedication to her students. I have seen how teaching has made such a positive impact on her life as well as on the lives of her students.” Paul, Riverside County, CA
  • “I always had a yearning to help people growing up. Teaching provided me with an avenue to help others in a subject [math] that I have found to be very challenging for most people.” Alterraun, Riverside County, CA

We already are so proud of this cohort and are excited to watch them grow throughout the year. Learn more about the Teacher Residency program – you too can make a difference in the lives of students.