Top 3 Teacher Residency FAQs | NYU Steinhardt Teacher Residency Program
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We know that taking the leap into a master’s degree and choosing a career in education are big decisions. To help you in the decision-making process, we’ve answered the three most frequently asked questions that we hear from prospective students.

  1. What makes this master’s program different from other degrees in teaching? In one year, you obtain a master’s in teaching from NYU Steinhardt, work to be recommended to become a certified teacher, and gain a full year of experience within a classroom environment. You take one class – or module – at a time, which lasts four to five weeks. The modules build upon one another and support what you’re doing in the classroom. Take a read of a recent blog post, Four Benefits of a Teacher Residency for more information.
  2. Will I be making a salary? Yes. You are paid for the work you do to support students during your residency year in the program while you earn a subsidized master’s degree. You can count on $15,000 to $26,500 in wages to help with your educational and living expenses. This stipend or salary is determined by our district or charter partners. You can see the current wages and benefits offered to residents on the individual Teacher Residency location pages.
  3. What kind of support will I have from NYU since I’m not on campus? We have several supports in place to make you successful. A local residency director is paired with each school partner and is the liaison between your school, NYU, and you. You also have a student services advisor readily available by phone and email. This person provides ongoing support and administrative advising throughout the program. We deploy cutting-edge virtual tools to connect practice, mentoring, and course work.

Do you have additional questions about the teacher residency? Reach out to our enrollment specialists.