NYU Teacher Residency Program with Leaders in our Neighborhood Charter School

Leaders in our Neighborhood Charter School

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Leaders In Our Neighborhood Charter School’s mission is to develop the character of each student. We unite students, families, and staff in helping each individual achieve their best academically, and in sports, the arts, and service to the community. We believe that passion for learning, self-discovery, leadership, and social conscience are the foundation for success in college and fulfillment in life.

We believe that all children, regardless of their neighborhood, race, or income, are gifted with special talents to offer the world, and that school is a place for students to develop the skills and mindsets needed to become their best selves. Furthermore, we assert that human beings are more complex than annual data points, and that the fulfillment of a person’s life correlates not simply to test scores, but even more so to their relationships with others and the content of their character.

With our family partnership and character approach model, we focus on helping students develop their character and the skills they need for life through rigorous academics, self-discovery, and family involvement.

We are an inclusive community committed to supporting the development of each child’s potential. We value distinct perspectives and abilities, and we work to foster the growth of all of our students, including students with disabilities and English Language Learners. Our K-12 program incorporates best practices in Integrated Collaborative Teaching to ensure that all children have the resources they need to succeed, including equal access to academics, athletics, the arts, and student life. Our school is an inclusive environment for all.

Faculty share in the LION philosophy of building a supportive, inclusive learning environment for all children. Special education is integrated into all classrooms where teachers co-teach and plan together. You will be met with a support system and a team of people ready to back you up as you become part of the LION community. Through this genuine and transparent school culture, you will gain the skills to become a life-changing teacher.

Student population

70.1% Hispanic
28.2% Black
0.8% White
0.3% Multiracial
0.2% Native Hawaiian/Other Pacific Islander


Qualify for Free and Reduced Lunch

90% +

Graduate from High School


of 8th Graders Take High School-Level Courses

Charter initiatives

  • Student-centered inquiry-based learning. LION provides a wealth of activities that nurture the development of the whole child.
  • Developing restorative justice practices. At LION, teachers are given the tools to rethink discipline and connect this to a social justice theme that is infused throughout the curriculum.
  • Facilitating community partnerships. Collaborations with community partners provide students at LION additional resources and learning opportunities.

The details

  • There are two degree options available at this location:
    • 34-credit master of arts in teaching in Inclusive Childhood Education (dual degree in Childhood Education and Childhood Special Education, Grades 1-6)
    • 30-credit master of arts in teaching in Secondary Education (Grades 7-12)
  • Meet online with NYU Steinhardt faculty and peers twice per week in the evening for your course work ~15 hours/week
  • ~40 hours/week in classroom residency at partner location
  • Tuition subsidy and stipend or wage from partner school
  • Two-year commitment following residency required
  • Full-day cost details

As a teacher resident, you’ll be a co-teacher in your content area. This means you’ll work alongside a highly qualified teacher and gain responsibility throughout the year. All of this immersive learning is designed to assist you with understanding your students and their learning process, preparing you to have a class of your own the following year.

During residency year

Estimated Stipend/Wage
Health Insurance Medical, dental, and vision benefits consistent with full-time employees
Start Date August 2023

After residency year

Job After Graduation We have an understanding that graduates of the residency program will continue to work at Leaders in Our Neighborhood Charter School as full-time, certified teachers.
Estimated Starting Salary with Master’s Degree and Certification $65,000

The figures above are estimates provided by our partners for informational and planning purposes only. NYU Steinhardt does not guarantee these amounts.

 We know that the benefits of creating a more diverse teacher workforce are widespread; they are long-lasting, and they are life-changing.

Diana Turk
Director of Teacher Education; Chair, Department of Teaching and Learning at NYU Steinhardt; Co-Director, NYU Teacher Residency

 The focus on cultural responsiveness was so important. There’s so much I learned that I never would have been able to handle on my own.

graduate, 2019 cohort,
Corona Norco Unified School District, CA

 I didn’t realize initially how unique the residency experience would be. Instead of only a short time in the classroom, in this extended period of time, I’ve learned so much more. I’ve changed my opinions and become more flexible in my understanding of what students need.

graduate, 2019 cohort,
Syracuse City School District