NYU Teacher Residency Program with Capital Preparatory Schools

Capital Preparatory Schools

Capital Preparatory Schools (Capital Prep) aim to develop graduates who are equipped to navigate and effect change in the world. The charter schools serve students in Grades K-12 with the mission to provide historically disadvantaged students with the college and career readiness skills needed to become responsible and engaged citizens for social justice.

To achieve this goal, it is also Capital Prep’s mission to recruit, develop, and retain outstanding educators. Research, along with their professional experiences with teachers and students, reveals the indisputable impact a highly qualified teacher has on student achievement. Quality teachers are the key to the success of the students, and they are the foundation of the entire educational community.

Capital Prep believes that its educators are responsible for lighting the way for students on their educational paths, therefore they are referred to as illuminators. Each illuminator is dedicated to providing students with an enriching and invigorating educational experience. Illuminators collaborate with students and families to ensure that 100% of students are reaching their fullest potential. 

Capital Prep uses social justice as a cornerstone of its academics, with learner expectations centered around the acronym “CPREP” –  being (c)ollaborators, (p)roblem solvers, (r)esearchers, (e)mpathetic citizens, and (p)illars of knowledge. It strives to ensure that all students are well rounded and prepared by offering a rigorous college preparatory curriculum, an eclectic variety of athletic programs, project-based learning, and multi-pronged faculty support.

Combined with its high expectations, Capital Prep also instills a sense of self-discipline and responsibility in students to be true members of the school family. This sense of family is cultivated throughout the school day and in a variety of activities. Weekly student assemblies deemed “all school” are run by students and dedicated to building relationships with peers and teachers while tuning in to what is going on in the school community. Additionally, all students are in an advisory session led by an illuminator, that serves as a second family at school. The advisor is the conduit for all performance updates on the scholar, and provides immense stability for the scholar throughout their years at Capital Prep.

This sense of family is cultivated across the staff as well. As a new illuminator, you will always have someone to support you and provide help with everything from pedagogy to content. Coaches and directors of curriculum are additional resources throughout your career. At Capital Prep, you will be challenged and guided to help all students become agents of change.

Student population

37% Black
7% Hispanic
6% Two or more races
.05% White


Qualify for Free/
Reduced Lunch
Proficiency at end of year 1: English language learners (ELA) 18% and math 9%
Proficiency at end of year 3: English language learners (ELA) 40% and math 10%

Charter initiatives

  • Focus on the fundamentals: Capital Prep is focused on the fundamentals of effective classroom management, lesson planning, consistent student experiences from class to class, and using data to plan, evaluate, and track student progress.
  • Relationships between families and schools: Building a sense of family extends outside of the schools’ walls. Capital Prep is working to develop a strong Parent Teacher Association and provide ample opportunities for families to connect with school initiatives.

The details

  • 30-credit master of arts in teaching (MAT) program
  • Meet online with NYU Steinhardt faculty and peers twice per week in the evening for your course work ~15 hours/week
  • ~40 hours/week in classroom residency at partner location
  • Tuition subsidy and stipend or wage from partner school
  • Two-year commitment following residency required
  • Full-day cost details

As an “illuminator resident,” you’ll teach and learn in your content area. This means you’ll work alongside another teacher and gain responsibility throughout the year. This immersive learning is designed to assist you with understanding your students and their learning process, setting you up to have a class of your own the following year.

During residency year

Estimated Stipend
$40,000 to $50,000
Health Insurance Full medical, dental, and vision benefits
Start Dates Orientation: End of June 2022
Residency: End of August 2022

After residency year

Job After Graduation Teacher (full time) After successful completion of the program, you will have a job waiting for you as a teacher at Capital Prep. In exchange for providing a master’s subsidy and funding to offset your living expenses during your residency year, Capital Prep requires you to make a commitment to teach there for at least two years after earning your degree.
Estimated Starting Salary with Master’s Degree Commensurate with experience

The figures above are estimates provided by our partners for informational and planning purposes only. NYU Steinhardt does not guarantee these amounts.

 Whether you aspire to become a special education teacher in an integrated co-teaching classroom or a US history teacher for Advanced Placement students, this program offers the skills needed to connect with, engage, empower, challenge, and reach all of your students.

Diana Turk
Director of Teacher Education; Chair, Department of Teaching and Learning at NYU Steinhardt; Co-Director, NYU Teacher Residency

 We built this program from the ground up, and [the faculty] all agreed on starting with the ideas of building community and understanding identity.

Heather Woodley
Clinical Associate Professor of TESOL, Bilingual Education, and World Language Education