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Teacher Education Reinvented
Supporting Excellence in Teacher Education
NYU Steinhardt building and flags

Two years ago, we launched a new model for residency-based teacher education. This master’s degree program, built at the nexus of NYU Steinhardt’s cutting-edge research and rigorous curriculum, is centered on preparing residents with the skills and confidence to become effective educators in schools where they are needed the most.

As we enter our third year, we continue to hone our comprehensive coursework and immersive design, while we strive to be a model for the greater field of teacher education. It is important that we stay responsive to the ever-evolving landscape of teacher preparation.

That’s why we’ve changed our name from the NYU Steinhardt Embedded Master of Arts in Teaching (EMAT) to NYU Steinhardt Teacher Residency. We provide a practical framework for serving all learners in a 21st-century classroom. Informed by feedback from our students and school partners, survey data, and discussion with faculty, we chose a name that clearly conveys this transformative program.

This September, residents will teach all over the country – from San Francisco, CA to Albany, NY – in schools where they are needed the most. We know that a well-prepared teacher force is essential to providing students with the education they deserve, especially students from marginalized and historically underrepresented communities. As we move forward with intent, we’ll accomplish this work with a new name and a renewed focus on our goals.