Inwood Academy for Leadership Charter School Logo

The Inwood Academy for Leadership Charter School (IAL) serves grades 5-12 in the Washington Heights and Inwood neighborhoods of New York City. Its mission is to empower students to become agents for change through community-focused leadership, character development, and college preparedness.

Inwood Academy for Leadership was founded on the premise that education can help break the cycle of poverty, illiteracy, and low expectations. Since opening its doors in 2010, the school has successfully supported the range of needs that its students require to be successful. It ultimately aims to create responsible young leaders with multiple pathways to succeed in life.

A key ingredient to the school’s vision and success is its commitment to training and coaching for teachers. Inwood Academy for Leadership employs teachers who possess a deep desire to understand the energy, organization, motivation, and innovation required to ensure student success. And as a new teacher, you certainly don’t do this alone. Hands-on coaching lets you ask questions and improve your practice, academic intervention teams provide guidance, and extensive administrative support allows you to focus on teaching.