Frequently Asked Questions – Eligibility

Who is eligible for the NYU Teacher Residency? Eligibility requirements differ by state.

  • To be eligible to teach in our Florida partner schools, you must have a bachelor’s degree to teach special education or 18 credits in one of these concentration areas: English, history, math, or science.
  • To be eligible to teach in our California, or New York partner schools, you must have a bachelor’s degree and 30 credits in one of these concentration areas: English, math, science, or social studies.
  • For special education candidates in California and New York, you must have a distribution of liberal arts course work in the four content areas.

To learn more about the credit requirements, see the qualifications section on the Application Process page.

What if I don’t have enough credits to qualify for a concentration area that I’d like to teach?

You may be missing six credits in your desired content area when you apply for admission. You will need to complete the remaining six credit requirements prior to the end of your residency year. We recommend that any credits that you are missing be taken in the spring or summer prior to beginning your residency.

Can I apply to teach in multiple subject areas?

You may apply and be reviewed for up to two content areas if you have the appropriate credits. However, you will be offered a position in the Teacher Residency for only one content area.

Do I need to take the GRE or MAT to be admitted?

Yes. You need GRE or MAT scores on file in order to be admitted. When you apply, you must submit proof that the GRE or MAT is scheduled to be taken before starting the Teacher Residency. However, you do not need to have taken the GRE or MAT in order to apply.

How do I apply or learn more?

Visit our website or attend one of our virtual or in-person info sessions. You can check dates and times, and RSVP to attend. Email us to get a recording. And visit the Application Process page to learn more.

As a new college graduate, when do I need to have my degree conferred by?

You need to have your degree conferred by June of the year you’ll begin the Teacher Residency.