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The NYU faculty connect cutting-edge practices based on current research with direct personal guidance.

NYU Steinhardt's Teacher Residency is designed to meet the challenges of teaching and leadership in demanding urban environments.

Our world-renowned faculty has published on a broad range of urban education issues, from school violence, racial segregation, and fiscal inequities between urban and suburban schools, to curriculum and teacher development in primary, middle, and secondary education. As leaders in their fields, they have also personally committed themselves and their time to crafting and participating in this innovative and evolving residency program.

Photo of Ayanna Taylor

Ayanna Taylor Clinical Assistant Professor of English Education

Ayanna Taylor’s interests include supporting universal student achievement, culturally responsive teaching, and the history of independent schools founded by African Americans

Past experience: Middle and High school English Teacher, Curriculum Developer, College Counselor

Photo of Nada Ahmed

Nada Ahmed Visiting Assistant Professor of MAT, Director of Field Studies

Nada Ahmed’s research, teaching, leadership and practice centers on focusing on the role of teacher and teacher-leader professional development, creativity, and personalized learning

Past experience: Innovative school creation, PreK-12 equity instruction, leadership coaching trainer, Middle School English / K-4 Science Teacher

Photo of Anne Burgunder

Anne Burgunder Master Teacher of Mathematics Education

Anne Burgunder’s interests include the role of visual images in helping students learn mathematics, and other cultures' methods for teaching mathematics.

Past experience: Middle and High School Mathematics Teacher

Photo of Michael Kieffer

Michael Kieffer Associate Professor of Literacy Education

Michael Kieffer studies the language and literacy development of students from linguistically diverse backgrounds, including research that can inform instruction and policy to improve reading outcomes.

Past experience: Middle School Teacher

Photo of Susan Kirch

Susan Kirch Associate Professor of Teaching and Learning

Susan Kirch researches how elementary school children learn the nature of scientific evidence through activities that feature contemporary questions and issues in science.

Past experience: Molecular and Cellular Biologist

Photo of Diana Turk

Diana Turk Director of Teacher Education and Associate Professor

Diana Turk brings to her work a passion for civic engagement and a commitment to teaching history for democratic change.

Past experience: English and Social Studies Teacher

Photo of Joseph McDonald

Joseph McDonald Professor of Teaching and Learning

Joseph McDonald is the author or co-author of nine books about teaching and schooling, including his latest, which examines 20 years of urban school reform.

Past experience: High school English Teacher and Principal

Photo of Audrey Trainor

Audrey Trainor Associate Professor of Special Education

Audrey Trainor studies equity and diversity in special education, focusing on postsecondary transitions for adolescents with learning and behavioral/emotional disabilities.

Past experience: Special Education High School Teacher

Photo of Heather Woodley

Heather Woodley Clinical Assistant Professor of TESOL, Bilingual Education and Foreign Language Education

Heather Woodley focuses on meeting the academic, linguistic, and social-emotional needs of emergent bilinguals, particularly Muslim immigrant youth who speak less-common languages.

Past experience: Middle and High School TESOL and ELA Teacher

Photo of Rosa Pietanza

Rosa Pietanza Master Teacher of Teaching and Learning

Rosa Pietanza mentors many new principals, administrators, and teachers as coordinator of partnership schools.

Past experience: Italian and French teacher, Assistant Principal of Foreign Languages and ESL, and Founding Principal of an NYU partnership High School

Photo of sj Miller

sj Miller Deputy Director of The Center for Research on Equity in Teacher Education

sj Miller is the Deputy Director of The Center for Research on Equity in Teacher Education at the NYU Metro Center, author of 6 books and over 45 peer-reviewed articles, and studies pre-K social justice theory, pedagogy and practice with a particularized focus on gender identity.

Past experience: Middle School English and Social Studies Teacher; High School AP English Literature and Composition, Humanities Teacher; and Hebrew Teacher