You will learn to be successful teachers in your content area while embedded in a classroom. Our eligibility requirements in content course work ensure that graduates become the most qualified subject-area teachers, and are ready to apply for certification or credentialing in our partner state residency locations.

The following section offers guidance for how to determine which content area(s) your undergraduate and graduate credits may qualify you for in each state where we have residency partners. In some cases, additional courses may be required to match your existing credits to your subject area of choice. If you don’t see the information you were looking for on this page, we recommend that you explore our FAQ Eligibility page or reach out to your Department of Education.

Please note: Candidates who successfully complete the MAT degree and are interested in applying for certification in NY State or a Level 1 teacher credential in CA, can be recommended for certification in NY State. Candidates interested in applying for certification in Florida will apply directly to the Florida Department of Education, with guidance from our district partner in Palm Beach.

Prior Teaching Experience Not Required.

Content Coursework in Proposed Subject Area of Teaching

The Teacher Residency program prepares middle and high school teachers in: