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A teacher resident leading a class outdoors

This is the final post in a series on the benefits of choosing a teacher residency. In the first post, we examined how teacher residencies differ from other teacher preparation programs. In the second post, we looked more deeply at teacher residencies and their common components.

In this final post, we provide a checklist to ensure you know what to look for in a top-notch residency program.

The path to becoming a highly effective teacher – one who can improve student outcomes, make connections with students and families, and provide every student with the education they deserve – starts with quality preparation. A teacher residency affords you a unique, intensive experience to help reach this goal. When challenging course work is combined with on-the-ground, guided teaching practice, you enter your first classroom ready to make an impact.

Look for the following features to make sure you receive the best of what a residency model has to offer:

  • Connection to a community: Making a commitment to the community where you’ll teach serves your students and families, and better enables you to create inclusive and culturally relevant instruction.
  • Mentorship, coaching, and a support system: Residents’ embedded classroom time must be supported by mentors, faculty, and peers.
  • High-quality instruction and accreditation: Rigorous course work from an accredited program helps you learn the theories and pedagogical strategies that create the foundation for good teaching.
  • Course work that aligns to what happens in a real classroom environment: Immediately applying what you learn in a course builds a thorough, application-based understanding of the content.
  • Classroom responsibilities that are gradually assumed: As you practice and master teaching techniques, you are given new responsibilities in the classroom.
  • Preparation to serve all students: You become a content area expert, creating culturally relevant and inclusive learning environments for all students, including those with disabilities and emergent bilinguals.

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