NYU Teacher Residency Summit Tue-Wed
Apr 9-10 2019

Teacher Residency

The faculty of New York University’s department of Teaching and Learning have developed an innovative way to recruit, prepare and retain teachers in demanding urban environments.

The Teacher Residency program partners with school districts and charter networks to prepare classroom-ready teachers with built-in retention.

Benefits urban districts/charter networks

  • Improved teacher recruitment capacity in the sciences, mathematics, social studies, special education, and English
  • A cohort of teachers highly prepared and trained by a leading faculty at a major research university
  • A two-year service commitment to your schools for successful graduates
  • Customized professional development to retain your best teachers

Cultivates new teacher confidence

  • Technology-enhanced course work with structured full-time residency in your schools
  • Course content coincides with increasing responsibility in the classroom
  • Students of the program benefit from mentorship by your experienced teachers

Current content areas include: English, mathematics, science, social studies, and special education for Grades 7-12 with a 5-6 extension.