Zackery Merwin - NYU Steinhardt Teacher Residency Program

Zackery Merwin

Zackery Merwin
Syracuse, NY
Syracuse City School District
Syracuse, NY
LeMoyne College, New York - BA, English

About Me

I grew up in Syracuse, NY and graduated form Fowler High School in 2009. For me, this was a huge deal because I was the first person in my family to get through High School. From there, I spent a little time figuring out what I wanted out of life, ultimately pursuing my undergraduate degree in English from Le Moyne College. Once I achieved that goal, I decided to become a substitute teacher for the Syracuse City School District. After spending the last few years doing something that brought me so much joy, I realized that longing that I had in the past wasn’t there anymore. I wanted to become a teacher, or rather, needed to.

What about the residency are you most looking forward to?

I’m most looking forward to meeting the students I’m going to be with for the next year. I think working with them each day will be a great learning experience for me in that I’m going to be in a position to make a positive impact on the lives of a group of students. With that being said, I’m utterly terrified in the best way possible. Teaching is something I’m very passionate about and though I haven’t met the students yet, I’m excited to share this experience with them.

Did you have a teacher who made a lasting impression on you?

He took the time to meet with me after school to give me more opportunity to learn in a concentrated environment, all to ensure I succeeded. I think all teachers care about their students, but that was a moment where I felt that someone outside of my family wanted to see me succeed.