Jose Disla - NYU Steinhardt Teacher Residency Program

Jose Disla

Jose Disla
Inwood Academy for Leadership Charter
New York, NY
Wheaton College, Massachusetts - BA, English
I enjoy dancing as well as meditating.

About Me

My name is Jose Disla, I graduated Wheaton College (in Massachusetts) with my Bachelors in English, and have been teaching Algebra for three years (first at the middle school level and now at the high school level). I have always considered myself rather well rounded which is what landed me a position in teaching Algebra originally. Through these great opportunities I have gained various transferable skills. I am a spiritual person and consider myself to be down to earth. I cannot wait to bring my skills to the subject I am so passionate about.

What about the residency are you most looking forward to?

This residency is offering me the opportunity to shift my career into the specific subject area I have always wanted to be in. Teaching algebra for three years has been an exciting challenge with twists and turns. It also pushed me to have to relearn so much content from high school as well as learn content I was never exposed to. The combination of the tenacity and grit I have achieved over the past three years and the opportunity of this residency inspire me to new heights.

Did you have a teacher who made a lasting impression on you?

I had a teacher in eighth grade named Ms. Becker. Ms. Becker was the first teacher that made me feel seen in class. I felt seen by Ms. Becker as a person, an experience that was unprecedented for my friends and I, since all our other teachers at the time spoke to us like children. I felt heard when I shared my opinions and understood whenever I was confused. She was my first "Human" teacher.