Ciary Lugo - NYU Steinhardt Teacher Residency Program

Ciary Lugo

Ciary Lugo
Inwood Academy for Leadership Charter
Bronx, NY
Lehman College, New York - BA, Mathematics
I love to read, write, fold paper in the ancient Japanese form known as origami. I will always indulge a philosophical inquiry into the wetness of water.

About Me

Born and raised in the Bronx, surrounded by loud summer music and bodegas on every corner, I knew at a very early age that I enjoyed being a part of a vibrant, diverse community. My formative years were spent at a private school in upper Manhattan, and high school receiving instruction from home, where I spent a lot of time reading, writing, and learning about the sciences. I went on to receive my Bachelors degree at Lehman College, where the culmination of my studies earned me a degree in Mathematics. I’ve been working with students from urban communities for 12 years and am currently teaching Geometry at a High School in upper Manhattan.

What about the residency are you most looking forward to?

I look forward to learning with highly motivated individuals, as well as being taught by them. I am also looking forward to the incorporation of theory and practice in my classroom, as well as the purposeful gathering and use of data.

Did you have a teacher who made a lasting impression on you?

At this moment my first grade teacher, Ms. Hazel, claims the position. She made us recite a poem about how special we were every morning. Before the content was introduced we entered as unique individuals ready to engage with the material and use it to configure the world around us. I realize now how integral it was to the identity being formed inside of that six year old girl.