Bridget Kiley - NYU Steinhardt Teacher Residency Program

Bridget Kiley

Bridget Kiley
Washington, DC
Washington Latin Public Charter School
Boston, MA
Loyola University Chicago, Illinois - BA, Theology
Creative writing is my main hobby. I also enjoy going to the movies and watching/reading fantasy TV shows/books.

About Me

I am from Boston MA, but I now live in Chicago IL. I am a graduate of Loyola University Chicago with a major in Theology and a minor in English. I love to read, write and work with children. I’ve been a tutor in high school, a camp counselor for two summers during college and an assistant English teacher while abroad in Europe.

What about the residency are you most looking forward to?

Learning how to teach as I have not had any formal academic training before.

Did you have a teacher who made a lasting impression on you?

I had a religion teacher in high school who was very good at making class fun and interesting. He made me laugh all of the time, and he really fostered my passion for religious studies. He was the one that recommended I study it in college.