Brian Hutzler - NYU Steinhardt Teacher Residency Program

Brian Hutzler

Brian Hutzler
Inwood Academy for Leadership Charter
Special Education
New York, NY
Sports, music, chess, and technology

About Me

Hello, I’m originally from West Virginia and have lived in New York since 1993. I started working in the mental health field after a car crash in 1989. My friend had brain damage and it changed his personality and I wanted to know why, so I started to study. In the course of my studies I realized that I had a knack for it and later for teaching. After many years of studying while working first as an HHA and later as a teacher assistant, This is where I really started to hear my calling. So I changed my focus to special ed. I was close to finishing and due to life circumstances I had to change my major to Psychology which I got my BA in last year.

What about the residency are you most looking forward to?

What am I looking forward to? Well, the experience. I believe that this will be an opportunity to learn and grow. Not only professionally but personally as well. For once I finish the program I will have accomplished my goal in life and will be able to contribute to society fully and at a level which will enable me to have a positive influence on the community as a whole.

Did you have a teacher who made a lasting impression on you?

She instilled in me to have confidence in myself and never let any one change me.