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Located in the neighborhoods of the Bronx and the Lower East Side in Manhattan, Girls Prep middle schools, part of Public Preparatory Network (Public Prep), are places where joy and rigor coexist. The schools build strong character in girls by adopting the core values of sisterhood, merit, responsibility, and scholarship in the first nonprofit network of single-sex learning environments in the country.

At Public Prep, everything begins with the end in mind: college completion. This is the network’s North Star. There is a deep belief among all staff that every child can succeed, no matter what. However, this does not mean education at Public Prep is only about passing tests. In fact, it’s quite the opposite. Students experience a holistic approach to education with a well-rounded curriculum of core subjects combined with the arts, as well as social-emotional development. This focus on the whole child ensures graduates of Public Prep go on to be empathetic leaders who are knowledgeable and curious about the world. They are goal-oriented decision-makers empowered to make choices that will lead to life success.

Teachers at Public Prep are lifelong learners and leaders who are committed to growth — both their own and that of their students. As a member of the Girls Prep team, you will learn to value feedback through formal observations, as well as through informal support systems, such as collaboration with departments and grade teams, that strengthen your instruction and confidence. School leaders create opportunities to build expertise in the craft of teaching through strategic differentiated professional development aligned to yearly goals, while welcoming you to the Public Prep family. When you bring an open mind, a commitment to excellence, and a belief that all children can make it to and through college, Public Prep will invest in you to become the best possible teacher for all students.

Core Values





Student Population: Girls Prep - Bronx

56.2% Hispanic
38.5% Black
0.9% Multiracial
0.5% Asian
0.5% Asian/Pacific Islander
0.5% White

Student Population: Girls Prep - Lower East Side

47.3% Hispanic
45.9% Black
22.3% American Indian/Alaska Native
2.7% Asian/Pacific Islander
2.3% Asian
0.5% White
0.5% Native Hawaiian/Other Pacific Islander


8th Graders Accepted Into College-Prep High Schools


4th Graders Passed NY State Science Exam


Qualify for Free and Reduced Lunch

Charter Initiatives

  • Consistent Data across Schools. Infrastructure exists across the network so all teachers and school leaders have access to and know how to use data for student success. Teams of math coaches, specialists in special education and ELA, teacher leaders, and leaders in adult learning help teachers use data with purpose.
  • High-quality Instruction. Public Prep believes that children need to have strong teachers at every level. Educators attend workshops across the network to define high-quality instruction and what makes an excellent teacher. All adults in the network commit to the academic and social-emotional development of every child.
  • A Culture of Support and Success. Culture-focused leadership roles ensure a safe environment for learning and a safe space for students to express themselves. These people support new teachers with student management procedures, how to connect with families, and how to build rapport in communities.

The Details

During Residency Year

As a teacher resident, you’ll be a resident intern and permanent substitute teacher in your content area. This means you’ll work alongside another teacher and gain responsibility throughout the year. Initially, you will be in one classroom with your mentor teacher, but as the year progresses, you will be tapped to support and cover classes for teachers when they are absent.

Estimated Stipend/Wage
Health Insurance Full Medical, Dental, and Vision Benefits
Start Dates VIRTUAL: July 2019 (details coming soon)
ON-GROUND: Fall 2019 (details coming soon)

After Residency Year

Job After Graduation After successful completion of the program, you will be a top candidate for a full-time teaching position within. In exchange for the tuition assistance during your residency year, Public Prep requires you to make a commitment to teach within the network for a minimum of two years after earning your degree.

The job placement offer is provided by our partners for informational and planning purposes only. NYU Steinhardt does not guarantee job placement.

Estimated Starting Salary with Master’s Degree Varies by experience; $60,000 minimum

The figures above are estimates provided by our partners for informational and planning purposes only. NYU Steinhardt does not guarantee these amounts.