A Note About Professional Licensure

The Teacher Residency is a teacher preparation program which takes place across numerous states and includes online course work. Our students, called resident interns, participate in a year-long, supervised field experience both within and outside of New York State (NYS). NYU is authorized pursuant to the State Authorization Reciprocity Agreement (SARA) to enroll students in supervised field experiences in the SARA states and territories. For further details regarding NYU’s SARA membership please visit the NYU State Authorization website.

The Teacher Residency conducts school-based field preparation activity in the following states and has made this determination with respect to professional licensure (teacher licensure, certification, or credentialing) in those specific states. We have also included states that are within commutable distances from our partnering district/charter schools for your information.

SARA requires universities to disclose to applicants and students whether programs that lead to professional licensure meet licensure requirements in those states in which students are doing learning placements, which we call your residency.

All states may require course descriptions in their determination of satisfactorily meeting state requirements or may require additional courses.

As a student in the program, you will receive guidance about the process for applying for certification/licensure in the states where we have district/charter partnerships once you are enrolled in the program.

Overview of Professional Licensure by State

State regulations change frequently, and the information posted here may have changed at the time of your specific application to or enrollment in our program of study. Also, if you are interested in gaining licensure in a different state other than what is listed below, please contact your enrollment specialist to discuss further.