Where You’ll Learn: Our Partner Schools

As a teaching resident, you will be embedded in a middle or high school classroom in one of our partner schools. You will join a cohort of teaching residents participating in the Embedded MAT program within your school or network of partner schools.

As part of their commitment to recruiting, preparing, and hiring educators, our partner schools for the Embedded MAT program will support a sizable portion of the cost of teaching residents’ master’s degree program to make it affordable.

In addition, our partner school networks will grant strong consideration to residents for vacancies that open after graduation and successful completion of the Embedded MAT program.

We are exploring partnerships with the San Francisco Unified School District, Syracuse City District, City School District of Albany, and Tucson Unified School District, among other districts across the nation, for the 2017-2018 school year. Other partners for the 2017-2018 year will become available later this winter and into the early spring.

We will continue to partner with Brooklyn Prospect Charter Schools and Great Oaks Charter Schools, who were our inaugural partners for the 2016-2017 school year. Meet our 2016-2017 partners:

Great Oaks Charter Schools

Great Oaks, an urban school on the front lines of education reform, aims to prepare students for college success through high-dosage and individualized tutoring, a rigorous college-prep curriculum, small cohorts of students, and personal support and care for each student. Great Oaks is committed to:

  • Preparing students for college success, through highly individualized instruction
  • Redefining high-quality teacher preparation
  • Investing in communities in which schools operate

Participants in the Embedded MAT program will work as tutors in Great Oaks schools while gaining responsibilities as classroom teachers throughout the school year.

“The distinctive element of Great Oaks’ (GO) program is the individualized tutoring that we provide to every student on a daily basis. GO does this through a Tutor Corps composed mostly of recent college graduates who are provided with a modest stipend and housing as they provide a year of service to our students,” said Michael Duffy, president of Great Oaks Foundation.

“Many of the tutors who come to Great Oaks are drawn by the prospect of apprenticing as a teacher – learning by observing an urban school, seeing effective instruction and getting the opportunity to do some teaching themselves.”

Great Oaks and Steinhardt will partner to offer the EMAT teaching residency at the Bridgeport, Connecticut; Wilmington, Delaware; Newark, New Jersey; and New York locations.

Brooklyn Prospect Charter Schools

Brooklyn Prospect, an International Baccalaureate world school, prepares students to become global citizens with an emphasis on in-depth academic rigor, small-group tutorials, personal development, college counseling, and diversity. Brooklyn Prospect is committed to:

  • Teaching the skills and habits of mind necessary for success in the global community
  • Recruiting, preparing and retaining excellent teachers
  • Reflecting the diversity of Brooklyn’s neighborhoods

“Founded and run by excellent teachers, Brooklyn Prospect has produced outstanding student results with an incredibly diverse student body. The EMAT interns will have a benefit of being immersed in a community of educators who are openly collaborative and strive to improve their practice, said Daniel Kikuji Rubenstein, executive director and co-founder of Brooklyn Prospect.

“Brooklyn Prospect teachers are a diverse group who on average have 7+ years of teaching experience, and collectively speak 15 different languages. The majority hold advanced degrees. Here EMAT students will find an extraordinarily rich environment in which to learn.”

Brooklyn Prospect and Steinhardt will partner to offer the EMAT teaching residency at the middle school and high school campuses in Brooklyn, New York.